RC GOLDLINE Saleshop Corporation engages in telecommunication products. Offers wholesale and retailing of various kinds of cellphones, cellphone accessories, phone cards, internet cards, and loads. Also offers Digital cameras, music players, home-theater speakers, portable speakers and other latest high tech gadgets. It also has cellphone repair services.
RC GOLDLINE is now one of the leading telecom shops being an Authorized Service Center for various brands and a multi-awarded dealer in Central Visayas.
The Company started its operation in the telecom industry way back the in 1997 by our Founder and President Mr. Christian Paro-an. The young entrepreneur was very dynamic and optimistic that the business he started will grow as it is like today.
With the help of his wife, Desiree, who stands as the General Manager, together with the proactive employees the company has been able to withstand the ups and down of the business, so as to the unstable economy of the country.
RC Goldline has currently 9 stores namely in SM City Cebu, SM City Consolacion, Elizabeth Mall, Gaisano Island Mall Mactan, Gaisano Country Mall, Fooda Savers Mart – Guadalupe, F. Ramos St., J Centre Mall, and Island City Mall in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Another store will soon to open in Argao, Cebu and Tabilaran City, Bohol.
Why join us?
RC GOLDLINE is now on its 15th year in the business and it will continue to serve customers from all walks of life with the best products and the most incomparable customer service there is. Employees are well verse and well trained to handle any sophisticated gadgets in the market. RC GOLDLINE will continue to satisfy the needs of the customer and to cope with the fast changing technology. These are our commitment to our valued clients. In RC GOLDLINE, “Our Service and Your Trust is Gold”
Company Snapshot
Average application processing time
1 Day fast
Retail / Merchandise
Company Size
1 – 50 Employees
Working Hours
Regular hours, Mondays-Fridays
Dress Code
Business (e.g. Shirts)
Miscellaneous allowance
Spoken Language
Tagalog / Filipino
Christian Paro-an Founder/President